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Breastmilk. Every Ounce Counts.

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Breastfeeding Help for All Moms.

Call the Texas Lactation Support Hotline at 855-550-6667 if breastfeeding hurts, is uncomfortable, you need help with position or latching or are concerned you're not producing enough milk. Lactation Consultants are on-call to answer your questions and give you the support you need.

This service is free and available 24/7.

Free Texas Lactation Support Centers for All Moms

Houston - The Lactation Foundation
713-500-2800, option 1

Dallas - Lactation Care Center

Austin - Mom’s Place

McAllen - Lactation Care Center RGV

San Antonio - Lactation Support Center

Need more help?

Find a breastfeeding support provider in your area using our Texas Lactation Support Directory. And if you are a WIC client, call your local WIC office to set up an appointment today with a breastfeeding peer counselor or lactation consultant.

Unsure if breastfeeding is going well in the first few days? Answer a few questions (PDF, 385kb) to see if you and your baby might benefit from additional support.

Know when to call your doctor

Call your doctor if your baby:

  • Does not regain his birth weight by two weeks of age.
  • Has fewer than six wet diapers by his sixth day of life.
  • Has fewer than three stools a day by his third day or life.
  • Will not wake up to nurse at least eight times a day.
  • Falls asleep or stops nursing immediately after latching.

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Breastfeeding Support
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